4 Blackjack Techniques to Increase Your Chances of Winning

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  1. Know the hit and stand rhythm

The goal of playing blackjack is not to score 21, but to beat the dealer with a superior score. Therefore, as soon as the cards are received, they must first see what the total points are. If it’s between 0-11, hit, but if it’s between 12-15, check if the dealer’s face-up card is high or low. If it’s a low card with a score between 2-6, it means that the other party has a chance to score more than 21 because it has to keep hitting until it’s more than 17. Here, let us stand. But if it’s a high card, 7-10 points are also available. The chance that we will lose to the dealer The principle is simple to remember: if the hand is less than 11 hit, if greater than 16, stand.

4 Blackjack Techniques to Increase Your Chances of Winning
  1. Know when to take insurance

Insurance is a technique suitable for players who cannot count cards. Or not using any techniques to play. An important condition of our side is that the hand card must not have a chance to hit 21, because if we have a chance to beat the dealer with a superior point. Or win with 21 points. Placing insurance bets is no different from throwing money away. Because we have to deposit half the amount of the bet. And if you win, you will receive only half the money. Therefore, if the score is lower than 16, it is better to do insurance.

  1. When there is an opportunity, do not miss Double Down.

Doubling the bet This is another way to help us gain more profits. But there are conditions for doing Double Down as well. If the banker’s card is a low card with only 2-6 points, it’s a good opportunity to gamble. But if it’s a high card like 9-11, increasing the bet increases your risk. Because the dealer may score higher than the original hit. In addition, according to the rules of online casino Then, after Double Down, you can only hit one more. Remember that the best time to double down is when we have 10-11 points and the banker is under 6.

  1. Split

Splitting or splitting pairs of cards is another thing that should be very careful. Somewhere we can split every pair of cards. But as a standard rule, we can only split pairs AA and 88. After splitting, we need to increase the stake in the split leg. Splitting gives us a better chance of winning. If one card loses still have a chance to win the other leg However, in splitting, there is a caveat that whenever you get a pair of 1010 or pair of 66, you must never split the UFABET cards. because it increases the risk for yourself Since the pair 1010 has a very high chance of winning from a total of 20 points, splitting the pair 66 will reduce their own winning chances with less card points.