Alisson reveals what was the key factor in signing Swan for six years

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Liverpool’s Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker has revealed a key factor in his decision to sign a six-year contract with the Reds in August 2021.

      Alisson Becker explains how Liverpool’s helping him deal with his father’s tragic death was a key factor in getting him to sign a long-term contract at Anfield. It is now almost two seasons on the six-year deal the Brazilian goalkeeper signed in August 2021, less than six months after Jose His father died after drowning in a lake near his vacation home in southern Brazil.

Alisson reveals what was the key factor in signing Swan for six years

         As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. Alisson makes the difficult decision not to return to his homeland and stay in England with his surrogate wife. He is grateful for the support UFABET shown not only by Liverpool. But also to the wider football community as well. And he believes that played a part in his decision not to even consider playing elsewhere.

         “I never thought I would go through a time like this in my life,” Alisson said of his father’s death. “Nobody thinks of losing a parent or loved one so suddenly or so quickly. But a lot of people at that time were facing the COVID period. A lot of people have lost loved ones. And I think the world is in a position where everyone is ready to show love to people. Not just Liverpool, the lads here at the club are incredible, everyone, staff, everyone, I think they all feel the pain together. and they pushed me forward.”

         “To be honest, I spent three days at home after my father died. And I’m looking forward to coming back here. this place to work and help them Because I felt the love and the way they helped me deal with that situation, helped me and my family get through that time. Not only here but also in the football world, everyone, I’m so touched . that I never thought before that I would receive Every message impressed me a lot. And it helped me, encouraged me to move forward.”

  Alisson explains that he not only held on to his faith during difficult times. But also the ‘family’ atmosphere that prevailed at Liverpool under Jürgen Klopp. God gives me the strength to go on, move forward, look ahead. To live for my children, I was motivated enough to do so during a very difficult time,” he said.

         “Of course, when I signed the new contract. which is a long-term agreement with this club I think a lot now that everyone is there for me. And I have the feeling that I want to be here for the club as well, continue to make history, keep this family atmosphere . (Roberto Firmino) as it was with Gini (Wijnaldum), Millie (James Milner), Ox (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain), it can happen. But there are players coming in as well. And I just hope that we can maintain this environment. That is that the club can continue to be a family, that we can achieve many things, win trophies. That’s what I hope for in the coming years.