Fabregas reveals what’s the only problem with the Gunners title race

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Cesc Fabregas, former Arsenal midfielder. There is only one question mark about the former team’s title race for the Premier League this year after their defeat in the London derby last night

Cesc Fabregas believes Arsenal can win the Premier League this season. But his former club’s title race will depend on how they can handle their European commitments, with the Gunners retaining their top spot in the English top flight.continued with a 3-1 win over key rivals Tottenham Hotspur in North London last night.

Fabregas reveals what's the only problem with the Gunners title race

English Premier League football season 2022/23 Arsenal open the nest at Emirates Stadium to compete in the London derby against ‘Golden Spikes Chicken’ Tottenham Hotspur, it appears that the artillery has made a great start. The goal was to lead 1-0 in the 20th minute from Thomas Partey, however, the visiting team pursued a 1-1 draw in the 31st minute from
Harry Kane’s penalty in the second half. Take the lead from the error of the away defense and it ‘s Gabriel Jesus who fires in the spotlight.

          Spurs’ situation took a turn for the worse when Emerson Royal was sent off in the 62nd minute, leaving 10 players left, and the Gunners finally nailed the lid on the coffin. A 3-1 escape goal from Granit Xhaka’s left-hand snatch , ended 90 minutes of the match, Arsenal opened home to defeat Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 to grab three points to take the top of the table. Keep firmly with 21 points from 8 matches, while the visiting team has 17 points, ranks 3rd in the table

  This is Arsenal’s best start to a 15-year campaign, raising hopes of a Premier League title triumph. And Fabregas says he is ‘very confident’ that his former UFABET club will be able to come close to that position, but says Arsenal’s ability to handle their two competitions is “extremely confident”. The ‘only question mark’ , with Mikel Arteta’s side having to feature in the Europa League after finishing fifth last season.

          Asked if he believes Arsenal can maintain their form and challenge in winning the Premier League, Fabregas told BT Sport : “It will be tough. It’s a big challenge. But I’m very confident And it might end up having you come back at 4 and then you have to play again in the league on Sunday . So it’s interesting to see that Miguel How will Arteta handle that situation? But I’m sure they are in a situation where they can do that.”