Forest 0-2 Man City: Issues after the Premier League game, the Blues cling tightly to second place.

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  • Manchester City continues to win Most recently, they defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0 and chased down the leader with just one point.
  • “The Blues” got goals from Yosco Guardiol in the 32nd minute and Erling Haaland in the 71st minute.
  • Manchester City increased their tally to 79 points, trailing Arsenal by one point, playing less than 1 match.
Forest 0-2 Man City: Issues after the Premier League game, the Blues cling tightly to second place.

Manchester City continues to win Most recently. They defeated Nottingham Forest at home 2-0 and chased down the leaders to just one point in the Premier League on Sunday night.

“The Blues” took a 1-0 lead from the moment. Kevin De Bruyne took a corner kick for Yosco Guardiol to head in in the 32nd minute.

In the second half, in the 71st minute. Manchester City escaped 2-0 when the original De Bruyne passed the ball to Erling Haaland, the substitute, who shot it into the net.

At the end of this game, Manchester City increased to 79 points, ranking 2nd, just one point behind Arsenal and having played 1 less match.

As for the issues we saw from the ufabet game at City Ground. They are as follows.

Guardiol unlocks his scoring potential

The Champions League clash with Real Madrid may have ended painfully for Manchester City. But it at least unlocked Yosco Guardiol’s scoring potential.

The Croatia international defender went more than a year without scoring for either club or country. Before scoring at the Santiago Bernabeu

Manchester City have always had defenders who scored important goals, paving the way for the title. For example, Vincent Kompany’s strike against Leicester City in 2019 and Nathan Ake, who scored the winning goal against West Ham United last season

Guardiol’s goal in this game was very important for the “Blues” after being attacked by Forest and almost scoring the lead first. And it takes the pressure off them as the game goes on.

Forest had a lot of chances but they weren’t decisive.

It’s not unusual to see Manchester City get attacked by their opponents and relegation-threatened Forest tried hard to get an early lead.

Chris Wood has been in good form this season. But it was like a pestle hit the Lions in this game because they had several opportunities to score. But unfortunately let the opportunities slip away.

Despite allowing Manchester City to have more possession at 67% to 33%, Forest found a lot of shooting opportunities at 14 times, but only 2 were on target.

Ederson faces injury problems again.

Mateo Kovacic was not the only player brought on at the start of the second half, with Stefan Ortega also being brought on. And it’s not the first time this season that Guardiola has had to change goalkeepers during a game.

Ederson clashed with Forest defender Willy Boly in the first half. Afterwards, he showed slight signs of pain. But he forced himself to play until the end of the first half.

However, Guardiola didn’t want to take the risk and sent Ortega on instead, and said in an interview after the game that the Brazilian didn’t look well. There was also a photo after the game of Ederson wearing a splint on his arm.

This is bad news for Guardiola, who is hoping to win the championship in the final stretch. Although he still has Ortega, who is reliable to some degree.