Lasamp slams Jampaolo after leading the team to the bottom of the league

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Sampdoria can’t stand the dreadful performance, with Marco Giampaolo sacked as manager. Since the start of the season has not won any team with 2 points. Holding the last place in the table at this time.

Sampdoria have officially sacked Marco Giampaolo as their head coach. After leading the team to a poor start to the 2022-2023 season with only two points from eight games. They rank at the bottom of the table. The latest game, home defeated Monza, the new team 0-3 on Sunday.

Lasamp slams Jampaolo after leading the team to the bottom of the league

Several reports include Sport Italia give details that Lazamp‘s management is ready to make changes to improve the performance of the team with technical director Carlo Osti. May be sacked next, while youth team coach. Felice Tufano will serve as a temporary trainer until a permanent manager is appointed.

The targeted option is Claudio Ranieri. A 70-year-old veteran head coach who led Leicester City to a historic Premier League title and was in charge of Sampdoria. In 2019-2021, his most recent job was in charge of Watford before being sacked in January.

While Roberto d’Aversa was also sacked by Lasamp earlier this year, before Giampaolo took over. Last season, the team finished 15th in the UFABET table with 36 points from 38 games, six points above the relegation zone, but in the new season, still unable to win a match, drawing with Juventus and La Zio, other than that, lose in a row.

For Sampdoria ‘s next game , they visit Bologna on Saturday, October 8, where the home team’s performance is also poor. When winning only 1 game, with the latest game defeating Zebra  to the local area 0-3, making it still only 6 points from 8 games, ranks 17th in the table at this time.