Mitoma humiliates Trent+Salah with his footwork

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Brighton’s Japanese national team star Kaoru Mitoma has made two Liverpool star Trent. Alexander-Arnold and Mohamed Salah flinched during last night’s Premier League game.

    England legend Alan Shearer told BBC One’s Match of the Day that Liverpool left -back Costas Simikas played poorly against Brighton and Hove Albion. At Anfield last night with the former Newcastle United striker unhappy with the performance. He has seen from the Greece international left-back.

Mitoma humiliates Trent+Salah with his footwork

Jürgen Klopp’s side were beaten 3-3 by the Seagulls in home competition in the Premier League. With Simikas starting at left-back. But it appears that the news is unable to repay the faith of the German coach at all. The 26-year-old cannot afford a good quality ball. from his side There is also a looseness in the defensive game. Again, his position was questionable. And that led Shearer to say: “Simigas had a really bad game.”

          Another Reds player who was heavily criticized was Trent Alexander-Arnold. This game was referred to by Leandro Trossar. Until he lost the ball 1-0 and also had problems with concentration and concentration in the defensive game from before the national team break. Despite making some level of defense from the corner kick that led to a 3-2 lead in the second half. He was humiliated by Japanese player Kaoru Mitoma.

The Japan international came on in the second half in place of Pascal Gross in the 65th minute. He gave the England defender a memorable moment in the UFABET game: Mitoma dribbled past him beautifully and smoothly. As Liverpool have just taken a new 3-2 lead and are aiming to maintain their lead The Japanese winger had the opportunity to lead the ball forward and he dribbled through. Alexander-Arnold and easily dodge Mohamed Salah . It was as if he wasn’t even there.

          While he doesn’t use the same level of jaw-dropping skill that Ronaldinho does, it’s a terrifying preview for Liverpool how easily their team can be hacked in the ‘ Flame League’. At this point , Mitoma was finally able to successfully launch a dangerous ball into the six-yard box, but Fabinho cleared it out as well. Many people who have watched the clip were amazed by this player’s footwork.