Moyes praises Paqueta’s outstanding form despite being questioned for gambling

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West Ham United manager David Moyes hails Lucas Paqueta’s dedication and performance Despite being examined for violating gambling rules In the opening game, Chelsea beat Chelsea 3-1.

West Ham United manager David Moyes has praised Samba midfielder Lucas Paqueta. who showed excellent form In the opening game, Chelsea won 3-1 in the Premier League. On Sunday, August 20, the past Although referred to have both problems. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association ( FIFA) and the Football Association of England ( FA) have launched an investigation into alleged involvement in betting on football in their homeland.

Moyes praises Paqueta's outstanding form despite being questioned for gambling

The game at the London Stadium, Paqueta scored a penalty as a goal to reinforce the victory in stoppage time. Prior to that, Nayev Agerd and Mikhail Antonio  scored to give the สมัคร ufabet team a 2-1 lead. But they lost Agerd in the 67th minute with a tackle on Nicolas. Jackson until he received a yellow and red card, expelled from the field. But Hammer  had fewer players left Able to withstand the attacking game of the Blues until finally collecting three points

Aside from scoring goals, the 25-year-old played tirelessly. In the Hammers ‘ midfield until the end with cramps. Which trainer scott Must praise his dedication, saying he thought 65,000 fans stood up and applauded him. Because he plays really well. Despite the disturbances outside the field

” Everyone was cheering for him because of his talent. He is a very good player. He shows the character that wants to be on the ball. and his work is very good Especially in the second half, I think he did a great job today. I only care about how he played today. There was no doubt about his selection. He’s a strong player, so it’s no problem,” Moyes said.

In addition, Mr. Dan Whiskey also expressed satisfaction with the form of play In the debut game of James Ward-Prowse, who had just moved from Southampton With a fee of about 30 million pounds or about 1,350 million baht that the team got a goal from James Ward Prouss ‘ assist, we know he has the ability in this area and is considered a good start for him in today