Pogba tears after being taken off due to injury again

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Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba was left in tears after missing the pitch during Juventus’ 2-0 Serie A win over Cremonese last night. come

         Paul Pogba made his first official start in more than a year last night (Sunday May 14, 2023) in Juventus’ 2-0 win overCremonese . Allianz Stadium but the midfielder was heartbroken and in tears after he was substituted with another injury. And he looked desperate as he left the pitch. This UFABET game, Juventus picked up three key points in a 2-0 victory as they continued their hunt for a top-four spot in Serie A after being knocked out. The Italian Football Federation Sport Court (FIGC) handed a 15-point penalty for manipulating accounts to misrepresent financial data.

Pogba tears after being taken off due to injury again

         However, those 15 points were later returned. After the appeal that Juventus filed on It was approved by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). Meanwhile, Pogba mostly watched the incident from the sidelines. The Frenchman has been plagued with injuries since he returned to Juventus from Manchester United last summer. But he looks set to return to his best after an impressive display against Sevilla on Thursday night in the Europa League. 

         Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri said Pogba’s fortunes finally seemed to turn around after the game. And he will be able to play more often. “He is improving. He played well for 25 minutes,” the Italian told The Express. **He needs to play more games to get back to his form. *He could be decisive in the third realm. (The last area in front of the door And we always talk about it. “ The most important thing now is that he’s ready to play. For a game that is every three days it is difficult to recover and play every game.

         Allegri seemed to speak too quickly. Because now Pogba seems to be missing again after another injury. However, after having played many matches as a substitute Pogba was back in the starting XI for Juve’s encounter with Cremonese last night. which is the first start of the season But that eventually turned into just 22 minutes of play when the striker grabbed his leg in pain midway through the first half.

 during the ball into the penalty area He turned around and began to limp. As the camera pans back towards him, the former Manchester United player can be seen sitting on the pitch with his hands on his head. He seemed to have some obvious emotions as he received first aid. He was comforted by teammates who knew how hard he worked to get back to full fitness. When Pogba left the field He pulled his shirt over his head and looked deeply sorry for his injury again. It’s sad to see. Because everyone knows how well he will do in his day.

         It wasn’t a return to Italy that Pope might have dreamed of when he signed a new contract in Turin. In his early career at the club he recorded an impressive 34 goals and 40 assists in 178 appearances, but Pogba has barely played this season due to a series of injuries. Juventus still hope to lift the Europa League trophy at the end of the season. Allegri and his team hope this latest injury will not cause Pogba to be out for a long time. The chances of a quick comeback are unlikely.