Rules of play and how to play blackjack

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For how to play blackjack online which is an interesting gambling game Can choose to invest easily By counting the card points is not difficult. Blackjack from counting the first two cards and calling more cards, but calling cards must not exceed 21 points. Draw as many cards as you want. If a UFABET card is drawn and the score exceeds 21, it is considered an explosion or a loss. Each play starts with 52 cards in this play. There is a way to play that is not difficult at all.

Rules of play and how to play blackjack
  • start playing Blackjack card game To find a betting game room By choosing a table to play as you like.
  • After we have a room to play. Let the gambler place the chip bet at the specified time.
  • The dealer will deal 1 card to all bettors in the room per round, and then distribute them to themselves. Then start to deal 1 more card until it’s complete. 2 cards each, smooth, hot, but the dealer will only have 1 card face up and 1 card face down, but for the player’s will grab both cards.
  • Then let the gambler show their cards to see if your points are close to 21 points or not, if they are not close, they can be called up from the dealer, there is no limit. But if the card is called and the score exceeds 21 points, it will cause the bettor to lose in that round. which the card calls must be arranged in the order of the cards being dealt go to the last
  • As for the important iron rule of blackjack, if the dealer’s hand card is 17 or more and if the gambler’s card is 16 or less for that round, it will be considered good. The dealer was the winner. unable to draw
  • If the gambler’s point is 16, it can stop without drawing. Because if drawn, it may be risky to score too much. Let’s wait to win the dealer’s points to create 21 points better. If it exceeds, we will win in the game of Blackjack.