Ten Hag complains that the Ghost team does not dare to play because of the defeat of the Boat

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has revealed. The reason for the defeat to Manchester City was because the team did not dare to compete with the home team. Unlike many games in the past that have won over their opponents.

Erik ten Hag, manager of Manchester United has come out to blame the team. Lack of self-confidence Do not dare to play in the clash with Manchester City. Resulting in a 3-6 defeat in the Premier League game at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday and pointing to the need to accept criticism. To return to show good form again

Ten Hag complains that the Ghost team does not dare to play because of the defeat of the Boat

In the derby game, the Red Devils were led by City 4-0 in the first half. Before scoring two goals from Antoni and Anthony Martial . The second half, but couldn’t catch up because a lot has been taken. While the locals are also slowing down the UFABET game by themselves. Causing the Red Devils to criticize the team’s lack of courage to fight with competitors.

 I would say that our players lacked faith against City, obviously we weren’t defending well enough. We had possession of the ball. Didn’t dare to play enough. make a technical mistake wrong decision And then you get knocked down by opponents. In the last five games we bring that kind of attitude to the pitch. we have faith and strong conviction But today is the opposite,” said the Dutch trainer.

Meanwhile, Ten Hag also said United players must accept the criticism and return to performing well. Similar to his good form in the win over Liverpool and Arsenal, although it was disappointing to face defeat. But it’s still good to lose against Manchester City and know what the problem is.

It was reported that There will be a team meeting the next day, which is believed to be the former head coach of Ajax. should be blamed for not fighting with fellow city rivals to the point of having to meet with defeat Causing it to stop at 12 points, holding 6th place in the table, with a score of 9 points behind Arsenal, the team at the top of the crowd, but played 1 match   less than the Gunners