Vocabulary Blackjack Card Game

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Stand is for indicating whether to stop playing or continue. It is used when you have a satisfactory amount of card in your hand. And did not want to continue to show the cards

  • The hit shows the need for more cards from the dealer. It will be used every time the player wants to increase the card points by pressing. The hit an unlimited number of times in each game. Just don’t press more than 21 times and when you get a satisfactory card value press Stand to stop.
  • Double is an option for the dealer who wants to show the player 1 additional card (cannot draw more) with 1x the bet. Which is mostly used only when the card starts. Of the players have points 10 11. If winning will receive funds + Double money is 2 times. But if losing will lose all

Split button, when the player has a duplicate card. Such as KK 9-9 press this button, the card will immediately split the duplicate card. And the money that was bet will be divided into 2 legs, then the game will continue to play as usual. Player can choose Hit or Stand at any time, only the split card will be AA, if split, the dealer will deal only 1 card to the player, no more can be drawn. And when a card is drawn and the score is 10, it will not be counted as BJ, but will only be counted as 21

  • Insurance It can only be activated when the first dealer card is A. The margin is equal to the amount originally wagered by the player. In which players can choose to place a security deposit or not. In the event that the player chooses to place the insurance money If the dealer reveals the 2nd card as 10 , J , Q , K , the player receives both the insurance money and the bet amount. But if the dealer doesn’t get Blackjack, the security deposit will be lost immediately. But can continue playing until the end of the UFABET game.
  • Surrender only clicks this button when choosing to surrender. This menu is only available for certain casinos. But the condition of use is that it will only work if the player has only 2 cards in hand. Players will only lose half of their play money.
  • Bust Player or Dealer If a card is drawn until a total of 21 or more points is reached, it will be called a bust and will be forfeited immediately.