5 ways to take care of your health Before entering old age with quality

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The physical abilities of the elderly naturally decline. Therefore it is necessary to provide close care and attention. For those who have elderly people to take care of Especially those who are less able to help themselves. Both health and the surrounding environment must be given importance. To enable the elderly to have a good quality of life Therefore, we have collected 5 How to take care of your health Before entering old age with quality, men can do the following:

5 ways to take care of your health Before entering old age with quality

1. Control your weight to suit your height.

Obesity negatively affects the health of people of all genders and ages. Especially in the elderly group Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention. To control diet and exercise appropriately To help the elderly to move Reduce the risk of falls and relieves the effects on bones and joints that are overloaded It also reduces the risk of complications related to heart disease. Coronary heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure as well.

2. Exercise to suit your age.

Elderly people need to exercise regularly. Especially in the สมัคร ufabet case of elderly people who have never exercised before. Caregivers must recommend exercise. But you should avoid strenuous exercise. And if you have a congenital disease It is necessary to consult a doctor in advance. For elderly people who do not have any chronic diseases, it is recommended to start doing aerobic exercise. About 30 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a week.

3. Take care of yourself to avoid accidents.

Accidents occur frequently in the elderly. due to poor movement and vision Therefore, it is essential to choose activities carefully. and prepare the living space appropriately To reduce the risk of tripping and falling Checking the condition of stairs regularly and maintaining an orderly household This is because accidents in the elderly can have serious consequences.

4. Always have an annual health check.

regular health check Should not be overlooked Especially when it comes to caring for the elderly. It is recommended to have an annual health check. or at least every two years Reduces the risks associated with various diseases and helps detect diseases early, thus facilitating in planning effective treatment

5. Always maintain a good heart.

Elderly people should do activities that give them opportunities. To meet friends and chat with close relatives. or friends of the same age by organizing group gatherings and invite the family to hang out at home Or go to the temple with friends. Participate in various activities of the Elderly Club It will help encourage the elderly to participate in leisure activities. Can help slow down the deterioration of the nervous system. and brain function It can also reduce the risk of depression in the elderly.

For the well-being of the elderly Not only taking care of your physical health But you must also focus on your mental health. If the elderly experience stress Or being worried about various things may affect your physical health. and may lead to long-term illness. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the needs Mental health goes hand in hand with taking care of the body.